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Underdog Empowerment

Feb 27, 2020

Entrepreneurship is scary. It is the step into the unknown that not everyone is willing to take. And to take that road to the very top, you’re going to need more than just grit. 
Bobby Stocks is back to shed some more light on his own path from the depths of drug addiction to a successful, fulfilling...

Feb 24, 2020

Although our culture is full of enticing shortcuts and get-rich-quick ideas, the most successful among us know that the only solid path forward is by doing the work and gaining knowledge as you go.
John Lee Dumas is a legend in the entrepreneurial space. After pursuing careers from the Army to law school to...

Feb 20, 2020

If I had to start from scratch today to build a business, knowing what I know now, these are the exact steps that I would take.
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Feb 17, 2020

What are the principles that drive the way you market? “Shiny Object Syndrome” is a constant temptation for entrepreneurs and business owners, but every truly successful giant in marketing knows the value of getting back to basics.
Brian Kurtz is a legend in the world of direct response marketing. After...

Feb 14, 2020

How do you reach the people you’re trying to speak to, and how well is it working? It can be tough to sift through the nonsense and misinformation surrounding paid traffic and its various platforms - thankfully, all it takes is an ounce of discernment.
Rory Stern went from stay-at-home dad to paid traffic...