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Underdog Empowerment

Nov 25, 2019

People want crock-pot results with microwave actions, but that’s not you because you know that shit never last.
Chris Cavallini is the CEO of Nutrition Solutions and the host of Start Today Podcast. 
Chris figured out the key to experiencing a superior quality of life on both a personal and professional level,...

Nov 22, 2019

If you have a podcast, then you need Wavve to create audiograms to showcase your episodes on different social media platforms.
But you need to listen to this episode to learn how to use audiograms to increase your downloads. Just posting them on social media won’t cut it.
Baird Hall is the CEO of Wavve and...

Nov 20, 2019

Too many entrepreneurs get bogged down by everything in their business because they’re doing too much of the wrong shit.
David Ralph is an extremely attractive host of the top ranked online show Join Up Dots, where in each episode he takes his guests on a journey of discovery following the words of the late...

Nov 18, 2019

A solid strategy to generate business is creating win/win/wins. A win for the customer, win for the company, and a win for the JV partner is just one example we talked about.
An even better strategy is to attach a mission-based cause behind the business to create even bigger wins.
Cam Martinez is the Co-Founder...

Nov 15, 2019

At age 22, Michael Altshuler started a copier company that would go on to become a multimillion-dollar business. 
Michael Altshuler sold the company to multibillion-dollar industry giant IKON Office Solutions in 1997. 
Over the next 20 years, he embarked on several other ventures. Some were successful, and some...