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Underdog Empowerment

Oct 30, 2019

Jason Hornung is the founder and Creative Director at JH Media LLC, the world’s #1 direct response advertising agency focusing exclusively on the Facebook ads platform.
Jason’s proprietary methods for ad creation, audience selection and scaling are responsible for producing $20 million + of profitable sales for...

Oct 28, 2019

Refugee turned divorcee on the verge of bankruptcy... To multi-millionaire, champion bodybuilder, author, doctor, and CEO of multiple worldwide brands.
Dr. Sam Bakhtiar is an American success story with humble beginnings and a meteoric rise to wealth and influence.
As founder of The Camp Transformation Centers

Oct 25, 2019

Let’s go behind the podcast and map out the foundation that makes a podcast successful long-term. Anyone can launch a podcast, but not everyone launches a successful show.
D.J. Podgorny is the founder of Audlio and host of the Behind the Podcast. D.J. has worked with top business podcasters like Andy Frisella,...

Oct 23, 2019

If you want to turn your podcast hobby into a legit income, or if you’re looking to start a podcast and make money, then pay attention to what Colin Morgan and I talk about.
Colin Morgan is a former professional golfer turned entrepreneur. He is the host of the Daily Grind Podcast, a show dedicated to showing you...

Oct 21, 2019

Everybody says they want to be great, but few back that up with their actions.
If you want to make it to the top and be elite, then you better be ready work your face off.
Justin Stenstrom the host of the Elite Man Podcast, a top-rated podcast on iTunes.
In this interview, we went deep on what it really means...